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Crafted in America
Crafted in America
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Wally the Spook Vietnam Era ASA Vet
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Official Home of the Original Custom Built BubbaStik & StepinStik Lines of Canes, Stiks and Stafs...
(Oak Finish BubbaStik w/Brass Top)
Home of the Original BubbaStik
"A Place Where You Can Custom Build Your VERY Own Unique Walking Stik and MORE..."

Typically we ship every Saturday for the prior week's orders. However, we will be closing shop for our Fall vacation from Sunday, October 5th through Monday, October 12th. We will continue shipping through Oct 4... so you may want to get your orders in now! Business will resume as normal Monday, October 13th.

You may continue to place your orders during the closed period but will be shipped on or before Saturday, October 18th depending on the number of orders we've received during our closed period. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but we sure need a rest.

THANK YOU for both your interest in our products and, of course, your patience!

and the Sometimes Crew

We build one of the finest, most comfortable, custom built walking stiks you can buy today, each one crafted and hand built to YOUR specifications.

Our world renowned stiks are comprised of hospital grade and unique hardwoods as well as top grade accessories of your choosing. See what 202 of our customers have said about us!

Remember, Shipping and Handling for the Continental U.S. are ALWAYS included in our prices... NO SURPRISES!
Items on our "Specials" Page are Excluded

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On Aug 13, 2014 at 7:37 AM Alex Hortaridis of Marblehead, MA wrote:
Alex Hortaridis gave us a 5 Star Rating!
Thank You,

In 2002 I got into a pretty bad car accident which left me with a back that was broken in 3 places. A friend of mine bought me a few gag gift canes with mirrors on the bottoms to be funny and a Bubba Stick. I thought the Bubba Stick was a gag as well until I started using it and realized this cane was going to be a part of my daily routine for at least the next 2 years. I am happy that during my recovery process that it worked to support me and that it looked cool and not an old mans cane. I still have it today saved and to the side should I ever need it again.



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