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Crafted in America
Crafted in America
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Wally the Spook Vietnam Era ASA Vet
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Official Home of the Original Custom Built BubbaStik & StepinStik Lines of Canes, Stiks and Stafs...
(Red Chestnut Finish BubbaStik w/Brass Top)
Home of the Original BubbaStik
"A Place Where You Can Custom Build Your VERY Own Unique Walking Stik and MORE..."

We build one of the finest, most comfortable, custom built walking stiks you can buy today, each one crafted and hand built to YOUR specifications.

Our world renowned stiks are comprised of hospital grade and unique hardwoods as well as top grade accessories of your choosing. See what 192 of our customers have said about us!

Remember, Shipping and Handling for the Continental U.S. are ALWAYS included in our prices... NO SURPRISES!
Items on our "Specials" Page are Excluded

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On Sep 18, 2013 at 1:12 AM Rev of Nashville, TN wrote:
Rev gave us a 5 Star Rating!
I recently moved to Nashville, and saw my first Bubba Stik in a big western store. It was love at first sight! The beautiful brass hame on top fit my hand perfectly and the stick itself was flawless and smooth as silk! All parts of the cane were fitted together perfectly! One problem...just like many girls I had met in my younger years, this Stik was a little tall for me! I am only 5'6" and the stik was built for someone taller! So that night, I went online and found the website For My BubbaStik, and hastily started assembling my was like a catalogue for mail order brides! I measured and chose the accessories I wanted, and ordered my new "partner"! I had been looking for the perfect cane for a long time, so naturally I was excited!!! The next day. I went back to the sight, and noticed that I had ordered the branded instead of the unbranded, and also decided that I wanted my name engraved, and also wanted a ferrule tip for ice and snow! I emailed all these confusing add ons feeling somewhat embarrassed about being so scatter brained! Anyway, when I got my stik, it had been built to my original order. When I noticed it, I emailed Bubba Sam, and he was very gracious! He told me to send it back, and he would make it right! Well heh...while you're at it, how about adding one of those Oklahoma medallions, and I promise I won't add anything else!! So, instead of rebuilding it, he built me a whole new Stik with everything I had ordered! Even the Oklahoma medallion! And then he got it back to me before he had even gotten the original one back! I love and am very proud of my new Stik! I live in a retirement community and will recommend it to anyone who asks about it...and that is almost everyone! My next endeavor will be to order a Formal Stik...and I promise Bubba, I won't order till I'm sure it's right!!! I very much appreciate your patience and professionalism and look forward to doing business with you again!!!


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