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Official Home of the Original Custom Built BubbaStik & StepinStik Lines of Walking Stiks & Canes...
(Mahogany Finish BubbaStik w/Brass Top)
Home of the Original BubbaStik
"A Place Where You Can Custom Build Your VERY Own Unique Walking Stik and MORE..."

We build one of the finest, most comfortable, custom built walking stiks you can buy today, each one designed by our customer and hand built by us!.

Our world renowned stiks are comprised of hospital grade and unique hardwoods as well as top grade custom accessories of your choosing. See what 322 of our customers have said about us!

Remember, Shipping and Handling for the Continental U.S. are ALWAYS included in our prices... NO SURPRISES!
Items on our "SPECIAL OFFERS" Pages are Excluded

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On Apr 1, 2008 at 5:11 AM Hawkeyes of Pittsburg, CA wrote:
Hawkeyes gave us a 5 Star Rating!
I am originally from Amarillo Texas. I saw a new family member by marriage (Daughter in-law) with one of these BubbaStiks. I was very impressed with it. They said they would get me one. Well on my 25th Anniversary I saw them again and again they said he would get me one. Well I got it 4 days ago and I consider it the best Anniversary present I have ever received to date. Being that I am a Texan in California I like to stick to Texas made items and so forth, this just adds to my style of Texans made Products along with Texas made Habanaro Pepper Hot sauce. Anyway, this is so very cool. My daughter 10 year old keeps trying to take it. She has already scratched it up some but it is still my favorite. I always thought the term Bubba was used as a racial slur which is why I was originally reluctant to get your Stik. But on reading your description showing it just means 'Very Neighborly'. When in Amarillo I use to make horse cinches by piece work as a teen. I had the shop record in the Watson Brothers Company. 8 and 1/2 minutes was the shop record I made one in. I averaged about 10 minutes at normal pace. When I see this it reminds me of those days. What I like best about this is it can also be used in self defense and you can take it anywhere with you, even on a Plane. If this is used on a hard working horse it can easily be used to protect yourself. California is much more dangerous than when I was living in Texas. I know that with a bad back it would be hard to defend myself but with a stick like this I can support myself and defend myself. That works for me! You Texans keep up the good work. A little advice from one Texan to the others. Take care.


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